Burger King worker buys hungry homeless man a meal – but he has no idea he’s being monitored

January 1, 2019 Stories


A proud mom’s Facebook status has gone viral since she shared her son’s generous act of kindness. He was faced with a situation at work one day where he was given the opportunity to choose kindness, or belittlement. And his decision impacted him in a huge way.

Matthew Resendez was working at Burger King one evening when a homeless man approached his counter.  He reluctantly asked the boy, “What can I get for 50 cents?”

Without hesitation, Matthew rung the man up for the biggest meal on the menu — he then reached for his own wallet and paid for the food with his own debit card.

Beautifully, the story doesn’t end there. A woman inside the restaurant witnessed Matthew’s good intentions and decided to pay it forward. She gave the boy a $100 bill.

After getting off work that day Matthew told his mom, Michelle Resendez, about what had happened. Radiating with pride she took Facebook.

See her post below:

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