Mom Had The Best Response When A Child Said This At A Party

December 3, 2018 Stories


Less than a year later his father asked if I could take him for “a while”. He had broken off with the girlfriend and had no where to go, and no where to bring his son. No problem! I’m a single Mom of one son, but I always have room for anyone who needs to stay.

His Dad brought over all of his clothes in a garbage bag – everything he owns. He never “officially” was mine, but I became his adopted Mom since that time, bringing him to the doctors, going to parent /teacher conferences, music concerts, etc.

He is 19 now and doing fantastic. He made it thru high school at an Honors A/P level, and then went to college on full scholarship. But better than that, he is an awesome person: funny, smart, kind, loving. I love my adopted son.

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